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We're the first Gym to Bring Authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes to Georgina! We started teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes back in 2008. We've moved a couple of locations since then and now Offer the absolute highest level of BJJ Instruction in Georgina with our 3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor teaching here each and every week! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes are growing in popularity and it's definitely a "Passion Sport" that you must try and "exercise" will never be the same again!

Our Instructors

Master Steve (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Master Steve Lin is our Head Grappling Instructor and is here teaching Jiu Jitsu Classes here every week. He's the highest level Instructor in Georgina (3rd Degree Black Belt). Master Steve has been doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since the early 1990's and has a VAST level of knowledge, experience and secrets to teach you.  He's been teaching Keswick Jiu-Jitsu for a long time but also opened his first gym in Toronto back in 2004. Having an instructor at this high of a level makes a huge difference when learning something like Grappling. Master Steve weighs about 130lbs which is great because the best instructors are the small guys. Small instructors have never had the luxury of using strength and power to win. Where a larger teacher could still win with their limited skills (and convince students that they have skill) the small instructors, like Master Steve, can't hide poor technique. His technique has to be perfect to grapple with larger opponents and with 20+ years of doing this, Master Steve will pass his knowledge on to you!

Keswick Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes Head instructor Master Steve Lin 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ.

Coach Jones 

Coach Jones started back in 2001 as a Fighter for Team Tompkins (Canada's #1 Mixed Martial Arts Team back in the day). Coach Jones trained under, and was roommates with, World Famous MMA Coach Shawn Tompkins. Coach Jones went on to Fight his way on to the Canadian National Team where he went on to win Bronze for Team Canada at the World Championships in Spain.

A Few of his Grappling Accomplishments Include:

  • 2016 IBJJF WORLDS NO GI Bronze Medalist in San Franscisco
  • 2x North American Grappling Association (NAGA) Black Belt Division Champion
  • NEWBREED Black Belt Division Champion

Coach Jones is also a Home Town Guy. He's not just someone that moved into Keswick because it's "Booming" to open a Gym, he grew up here. He lived in Sutton and then moved to Jackson's Point in Grade 1. He graduated Sutton District High School and when his trainer, Shawn Tompkins, passed away suddenly in August of 2011 Coach Jones decided that he wanted to dedicate his life to teaching Keswick Jiu-Jitsu and having as big of an impact on his community as possible and trying to effect the lives of others the same as Shawn had positively effected his and so many others in his community. Coach Jones opened his first gym location in Keswick 4 months after that! He actually started teaching Georgina and Keswick Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and MMA back in 2008 as a hobby though before getting more serious about it.

Jiu Jitsu Classes in Keswick  Instructor Coach Adam Jones after winning Bronze for Team Canada.


Coach Jones's profession before being a full-time instructor and teaching Jiu Jitsu Classes was a Television Producer for a sports specialty network in Toronto called "The Fight Network". This was the first channel of it's kind and during the time that he worked there he had the opportunity to train with and rub shoulders with the Absolute Best Combat Athletes in the World at the time. The Fight Network would set up interviews and Seminars for them in Toronto and Coach Jones got to work with them and train for free. You name the top athlete of that time andCoach Jones trained with them (BJ Penn, GSP, Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, etc.). Learning so much from all of them and now passing that knowledge on to his students in Keswick Georgina.

Keswick Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes Instructor Coach Jones after winning Naga Black Belt Championships in Gi and No Gi Divisions Georgina BJJ.

Coach Jones is a VERY unique Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor that's spent years doing Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing so he knows more about the "Fight Game" and Self-defense than other instructors. To add to this, Coach Jones did security at bars and clubs for 10 years where, instead of only having experience in "training" or structured "competition" he was given the unique benefit of REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. It's estimated that he's dealt with over 1,100 real life experiences to add to his training and competition experience.*That's working 4 nights a week, for 10 years and not including when there were brawls or it was a "full-moon".

Coach Jones is also a small instructor and, in both training and doing security, he never had the luxury of using strength or size to either intimidate or out-power an opponent. He's 150lbs and, especially while doing security for 10 years, if he was 6'4 and 220lbs he could use strength & Power rather than technique & skill and people would have listened more if he told them to leave.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes Keswick  Coach Jones after defeating adult division Black Belt to win a Title Belt.

  • Get in Amazing Shape Learning a Skill
    You'll get in the Best Shape of your life with Killer Fitness and won't even realize it's happening because you'll be having so much fun and learning a practical skill that's transferable to real life.
  • Meet Some GREAT People
    Rumble is a very Family and Team oriented place where everyone takes care of each other. It wasn't like that in the beginning and took time to cultivate this atmosphere but it's a fantastic place to train where your team is always looking to help you improve and get better/stronger/faster.
  • Something You'll Want to Actually Stick With!
    This kind of training is a 'different animal'. You don't just show up and run on a treadmill or pick things up and put them down - You're learning something realistic and always focused on your next goals which makes you continue moving forward and fantastic fitness is just a by-product of the training. Many students are amazed at their Health and Fitness levels after a couple of months because they don't feel like they're even trying to be fit.
  • Gain Confidence
    Other than looking great you'll be training in a safe environment with other students learning how to defend yourself against anyone with your bare hands.

What Others Are Saying:

Cedrick Berrard - 22yrs old, Student

"Rumble is a great club for all ages and skills. I learn lots and continue to do so every class. It is a great exercise to keep in shape and have fun at the same time. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning martial to check this place out!"

Aiden Krauderen - 25yrs old, Construction

"I've enjoyed my experience at Rumble. Coach Jones is a great teacher and has turned me into a better person and fighter. I have made a lot of friends and have developed a passion for jiu jitsu, because I am small in stature and the size of the person doesn't matter in Jiu-Jitsu. I have already won a silver medal in it and look forward to improving myself in my fighting career"

Nancy Cook - 43yrs old, Nursing Home Worker

"I work in a Nursing Home, I’m 43 and when I started here I was 15lbs overweight and was a big ball of Blah and now I’m “Arnold”. We work hard and it’s tons of fun. I recommend everyone to come and have fun. We laugh and it’s a great time. If you want to sweat, this is the place."

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